All About Big Grills On Wheels

Big Grills On Wheels was created from a hobby of a couple of guys who loved to make great Bar B Que Grills.  This is a family owned business and we are regular people who live in the Maryland suburbs.  We are no strangers to the back yard Bar B Que’s, and family reunions.  We have had numerous large events in our back yards that required a lot of cooking.  Since we had made a few of these large grills, it was easy to prepare enough food at one time for the large amount of people that were attending our events.  After some of our family and friends expressed needing to be able to find a company that rents large grills, Ramonz came up with the idea to build a few large grills and rent them out to the community.  Now we rent grills to our community for their back yard Bar B Que’s, parties, family reunions and for any reason they need or want a large grill. 
All of our grills are hand made.  We do not use automated machinery to make any of our grills.  That means that all of our grills are different in some way.  Many of our satisfied customers have either had a chance to cook on our large grills, or they were fortunate enough to have purchased a large grill from us.  We strive to be the best.  We will put you first in an effort to give you great service and good quality equipment. 
We support our troops, churches and our community.  We will be more than happy to support you in making those special arrangements that keep our families and community’s happy and loving through events.  We hope to hear from you soon.   
Thank you
Founder and Owner
Big Grills on Wheels